B Sc: Property Development

 B Sc: Property Development


B Sc: Property Development

B Sc: Property DevelopmentLand Surveying deals with the field of Geomatics which is derived from the word “geo” (meaning of the earth) and “matics” (a derivative of informatics). The recent introduction of geomatics is because of the “digital revolution” which has revolutionised the traditional instruments and also our methods of presenting and transmitting that information.
Geomatics therefore is a discipline with focus on acquisition, processing, management, presentation and dissemination of information about the earth and features with a fixed location on the earth surface.

 B Sc: Land Surveying Scope of Study

The Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying is only offered by two Universities in South Africa. At the University of KwaZulu-Natal it is a small yet vibrant programme which offers its students the advantages of close contacts with their lecturers and fellow students. In addition to the academic requirements, during our annual survey camps for first, second and third year of study, students are involved in practical work to support development of our National Nature Reserves throughout the Province of KwaZulu-Natal.

  • The first year of study involves mainly foundation courses common to engineering students (maths, applied maths and physics). Students also acquire basic geomatics and computing skills.
  • During the second and third years students deepen their skills in geomatics, land rights and town planning so that they are able to tackle a wide variety of engineering, administrative and legal tasks. In these middle years students are allowed to select a total of six modules from outside the geomatics programme, so as to equip each with skills relevant to the specific career he or she intends following.
  • The fourth year focuses on management and professional skills and on preparation and presentation of individually chosen research projects.
  • In the vacations most of our students work in the geomatics industry, acquiring practical skills and acquainting themselves with opportunities and personalities that will help them after graduation.
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 B Sc: Land Surveying Careers

Land Surveying Careers
The Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying is a four-year, honours-equivalent, professional Bachelors degree. It is accredited towards registration as a professional land surveyor. It also covers closely related areas such as geographical information systems (GIS), land information systems (LIS), and global positioning systems (GPS). These subjects are part of a growing science of geomatics.Our graduates are sought after by both private firms of land surveyors, and government departments. Many work overseas and in other African countries. Future graduates could be involved in land development and management, geographic information systems, engineering surveys, applied computing and hydrographic surveys.
Geomatics is a new word {not found in the Oxford dictionary}, and is derived from the word geo, meaning of the earth, and informatics, which is the science of disseminating information. The recent introduction of geomatics is because of the “digital revolution” which has transformed the instruments and methods of presenting and transmitting information.

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