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By | November 26, 2023

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Boston City Campus and Business College Short Courses

Short courses give you the edge in today’s workplace

Boston City Campus and Business College Short Courses, Given that money and time are rather tight, a short course may just be the up-skilling answer you’re looking for at this time of the year. Short courses or short learning programmes are time and cost effective and can add value everyone’s arsenal of skills. Best of all, many of them are open for registration at anytime throughout the year.
Kerry Damons of Boston City Campus & Business College points out that short courses or short learning programmes are ideal for people that have been working for many years and simply need to brush up their knowledge and get up to date with the newest developments and tools. They’re also good for those that aspire to move into higher positions at their present work but need a few new skills. On the other hand, people that receive promotions often need to master a new set of skills for their new positions – and do so by enrolling for a short course.
People that have been away from the workplace for a while, for instance mothers who wish to go back to work, can use short courses to get up to speed with software packages that they may have missed out on. Short courses make it possible for school leavers and matriculants to discover what career they are really interested in, before committing to long fulltime study. Certain short learning programmes, when completed, give school leavers entry to higher education. People that face retrenchment and/or need to change careers can benefit from completing a short course or two – and the same applies to those that wish to develop skills so they can find a second source of income, a second job.
Part-time short courses are often the only alternative for working people that have serious time constraints and need to earn and learn simultaneously.“Whatever your circumstances or challenges, you can rest assured that there is a short course or learning programme that is best suited to your learning needs, lifestyle and budget,” says Damons. Ensure that the course you select has industry recognition or institutional accreditation. For example, Boston was rated first in South Africa and third globally amongst CompTia training providers, and they not only train but also certify the most individuals in South Africa.“Each short course is designed to develop a specific skill and meet a specific need,” Damons adds. “Choose a course that suits your time and budget.” There are also entry requirements and competency requirements that you have to meet.
While it may be relatively easy to enrol for entry-level short courses, there are highly specialised short courses that allow only those that already have a qualification in that particular field of study. National Qualification Framework (NQF) levels also apply to short courses.If you need career guidance, don’t hesitate to go the Boston City Campus & Business College closest to you to get career advice free of charge.
Boston offers over 100 dynamic career qualifications, including short courses, at over 40 branches nationwide. Free career advice forms part of Boston’s social investment. “You have to make sure that you choose a course that meets your individual training needs,” Damons recommends. “It is important that you know exactly what you are committing to and what value you are getting out.”Note that short courses vary in duration. If you decide to study IT / computer courses at Boston, it is you who determines the length of study because you choose which and how many modules you’d like to complete.
You can choose entry level modules such as Intro to PC, MS Word, spreadsheets, presentation graphics to more advanced modules in Dreamweaver, Pastel accounting and/or enrol for CompTIA certifications such as A+; Network+; Security+; and Server+. This type of flexibility and quality training has earned Boston the Best Computer College title in The Star Choice Awards for four years in a row and Coolest College award in the 2012 Sunday Times Generation Next Survey.“There are great short courses out there,” Damons concludes. “Investigate all the options available and choose wisely, and you will ultimately reap long-term benefits and good job prospects.” Contact Boston on 011 551-2000, e-mail, visit, orFacebook.

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