How to Get Unisa Results

UNISA Examination Results

UNISA exam results are communicated in 5 known ways. These are;

– Email

– Hard copy posting

– Voice Response System(VRS)

– Short Messages (SMS

– Through web link

For email communication, one simply has to indicate his/her email
address on the registration form. The school will send results to all
student email addresses upon the release of such results

Hard copy posting requires that one indicate his/her residential or
home address in the registration forms. The university will always send a
paper copy of the results to all student addresses at its disposal.

VRS is achieved via MTN where the student is required to dial the number 083 1234 and follow the prompts accordingly.

SMS is quite simple too. A student will compose a message as follows;
results [space]+ student number and send it to the MTN number 083 1421
0119. If results for that student number are available, an SMS
containing the results will be sent to the requesting number.

How to Get Unisa Results

How to Check your UNISA Exam Results Online

Exam results are made available on following platforms:

Kindly forward the following message to the following MTN number:
083 1421 0119.
Results [space]+student number
If there are results available, a SMS containing your results will be sent to you.

Register on myUnisa and indicate on your application if you would like to receive your results by email.

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Voice response system (MTN)
Dial the following voice response system number:
083 1234

Hard copies of the examination results  are mailed to each candidate after the official date of release/printing.

Web link – when you opt for web link results, you will be directed to
a separate page. On this page, you will be asked to enter the; exam
year, exam period and student number. Once you have entered all these
correctly, simply press enter and the results will be displayed.

Other Methods of Checking UNISA Exam Results

  • Final examination result letters will be printed and mailed to students on dates above.
  • Final examination results are being released as they become available on the myUnisa web site and on the MTN (VRS).
  • No results will be released to a candidate before he / she has
    returned all books borrowed from the University Library and settled any
    outstanding fees.
  • No results will be given telephonically by academics or administrative staff .
  • No timetables for supplementary exams will be made available if fees or library books are owed.

UNISA Examinations

UNISA exams require that a student specifies his/her closest
examination center. Usually, you are required to enter your center code
in the registration form. Once you have selected a center, you are bound
to sit your exams from that center though change of centers is allowed
if properly communicated.

Exams are marked by a minimum of two examiners and at times an
external examiner too. Remarking is also allowed once the remarking fee
is paid for students who score between 35% and 49% or those who obtain
between 68% and 74%.

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