How to Enrol Unisa

How to Enrol Unisa

It can be tough figuring out how to apply to study with UNISA, how to register with UNISA and how MyUNISA works. UNISA Registration dates are also important to keep track of so you know when you can register.

It’s never too early to start researching subjects, checking out study tips and exam tips to make sure you get the most out of MyUNISA and your complete UNISA experience.

UNISA Registration Process 101

Before you can start registering for courses with UNISA, you need to apply to the actual university. This happens before the registration and when you actively begin to study. Applications are accepted in April and August (so it’s best to register early). Follow the UNISA Application tutorial here.

For first-time students at UNISA, here is a list of steps to make your registration stress-free:

UNISA Register button
  1. Choose the option that is applicable to you

  • Undergraduate & honours qualifications
  • Master’s & doctoral degrees
  • Short Learning Programmes
Different UNISA Programmes
  1. Registration Process Begins

UNISA registration process start

Read the text and once you are ready click on the Start the process button.

start the process
  1. Find your qualification

choose qualification

There are multiple ways to search for your qualification. Choose the option that suits you.

Different ways to search

Once your search is complete, select your qualification.

Select qualification

Once you are happy with the qualification you selected, scroll down and click the Proceed to calculating your student fees button.

proceed to calculating your student fees
  1. Calculate your study fees

calculate unisa study fees

Read the text and use the buttons under the Prescribed student fees heading to help you calculate your study fees.

prescribed student fees
  1. Submit your registration

Once you have calculated your study fees, click on number 3 in the Registration Process.

submit your registration

Read the text and use the buttons under the Registration Options heading to choose which way you will submit your registration.

Hint: The online option is the quickest.

unisa registration options
  1. Pay your study fees

After submitting your registration you need to pay your study fees. Click on number 4 to continue.

pay your study fees

Click the Payment methods button to explore the different options UNISA accepts.

payment methods unisa accepts

Once you have made payment you can click on the What to do after you’ve completed the registration process button at the bottom of the page.

after registration complete button
  1. What happens after registration?

You can find useful information on this page which will explain what you can do now that you have completed your UNISA registration.

After registration

Together We Pass’s helpful tips from Nita Ramroop and Nerraine September on UNISA registration:

  1. Check any outstanding work

If you are already a UNISA student, check the modules you still have to complete. UNISA often change their UNISA course codes and if you submit an assignment under an old course code, it will be listed as outstanding.

  1. Check the textbooks that are required for each subject

Some textbooks are updated every year and the one you have may be out of date. Other textbooks, you may be able to use for a couple of years in a row. Best to check before you register (and before you buy or sell any study notes). Check which textbooks have been prescribed for your module.

  1. Be wise when choosing your modules

Many students get demotivated or give up if they start with a module they aren’t interested in or one that is too hard. Start with a module you think you’ll enjoy and it will encourage you to keep going. When registering for your modules, make sure that you use the module code and not the module name.

  • Don’t wait for your marks to be released as they are always late! Choose modules that don’t have prerequisites or that have prerequisites that you already fulfil.
  • Remember you can register some modules now and others (if you are waiting for marks) later.
  • You can confirm your qualification, choose your modules and calculate your fees.


    1. Look at the exam dates



Check the above three points again and see which exams aren’t too close together. It’s a tough process, but try plan at least one day between each paper to perform your best. Use this tool to check your exam dates.

    1. Look at your resources



Before you register, ensure you have internet access and good computer knowledge as these are crucial to you having a worthwhile academic experience.

    1. Manage your payment



When you’re on the UNISA site, choose the online registration option. A new tab will pop up with instructions. Follow the instructions and then pay directly after registration. When you’ve paid your required amount, print out your proof of payments and fax it through to UNISA’s registration department.

What is MyUNISA?

MyUNISA is going to be central to your study experience from when you’ve registered.  MyUNISA allows you to submit assignments online and keep up to date with all the relevant information for your UNISA course.  MyUNISA has many great features, and some that aren’t so hot. Here’s a full list of pros and cons for MyUNISA. If you’re looking to join a UNISA study group, sign up with Together We Pass.  We offer online discussion forums to UNISA students, an assignment tool to submit and compare assignment answers and many valuable resources compiled by students who are studying your particular UNISA course. Remember you need to first create a free account, and then add your study group to your account.

Check out the video clip below about the UNISA registration process