MLArch Landscape Architecture

MLArch Landscape Architecture

Programme Information

By virtue of dissertation and examination.
Also refer to G Regulations G.30 to G.40 and G.50 to G.54.

Admission Requirements

Candidates wishing to research a topic within the discipline of landscape architecture and who

(i) are in possession of a BL or equivalent degree of four years;
(ii) are in possession of an Honours degree in Landscape Architecture BLHons or equivalent;
(iii) are in possession of a three-year degree with Design as major component and successfully complete supplementary modules with the weighting equivalent of an honours degree as prescribed by the Head of Department;
(iv) are deemed adequate by the Head of Department in consultation with the Dean and obtained (where necessary) the approval of Senate and complying with whatever additional requirements may be prescribed are admitted to the degree Master of Landscape Architecture by research.

Examinations and pass requirements

After a minimum of one year of registration the student submits a dissertation for examination and takes an oral examination of the dissertation in the related field of study.
The Master of Landscape Architecture degree is conferred on a student who has obtained a minimum of 50% for both the dissertation and oral examination.


Undergraduate applications and admissions:
Ms Jenny van Rooyen
012 4205166
Ms Samantha Adams
012 4202450
Undergraduate and Honours:
Ms E Willemse
012 4202724
School of Information Technology
Ms P Ngwenya
012 4204186
School for the Built Environment
Mr R Mashiloane
012 4203656
School of Engineering
Ms MPM Motlhamme
012 4205299
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Ms L Rix
012 4206625
Mechanical Engineering
Ms N Potgieter
012 4202987
Industrial and Metallurgical Engineering
Ms TMM Motsei
012 4206520
Chemical and Mining Engineering
Mr MJ Makhasa
012 4202142
Civil Engineering
Mr K Nkanyana
012 4206735
Honours and Honours applications
Ms SL Mgiba
012 4205316
Masters and Doctoral:
School of Information Technology
Civil Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Ms Dawn Taljaard
012 4204095
Graduate School of Technology Management
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Mr Refentse Ramatong
012 4203011
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Enineering
Mining Engineering
Construction Economics
Town and Regional Planning
Ms Stefanie Steenberg
012 4205315


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