MPhil Economics (Coursework)

MPhil Economics (Coursework)

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Duration of study: 1 year
Total credits: 210


Miss SC Magwaza

Programme Information

The MPhil in Economics programme is designed to prepare students to enter into a research-based PhD degree programme in Economics. The programme focuses primarily on the core microeconomic and macroeconomic theory principles, as well as the theoretical econometric fundamentals necessary for the student to understand the extant economic literature and to contribute to the international economic debate.
Due to capacity constraints, there are not an intake of new students for every degree every year. It remains the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the degree they wish to apply for, will indeed be offered. In addition to the fields of specialisation, options are offered under the various specialisation fields, eg MPhil Accounting Sciences with an option in Fraud Risk Management, which enables the candidate to make a selection and expand specific focus areas within the existing fields of specialisation.

Admission Requirements

  •  Relevant BCom Honours degree with an average of at least 65%.

MPhil Economics (Coursework)

Additional Requirements

  1. A candidate may be refused admission to a master’s degree by the head of the department if he/she does not comply with the standard of competence in the subject as determined by the department – with the proviso that a candidate who does not comply with the required level of competence, may be admitted, provided that he/she completes additional study assignments and/or examinations.
  2. The head of department concerned may set additional admission requirements.
  3. Specific departments have specific requirements for admission.
  4. The number of students will be determined in line with the growth strategy of the University of Pretoria as approved by the Executive.
  5. Allowance will be made for the diversity profile of students.
  6. A completed Postgraduate Diploma in Economic and Management Sciences can also be considered for admission to the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship.
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MPhil Economics (Coursework)

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