North-West University Courses

North-West University Courses

North-West University Courses : As a multi-campus university, the NWU offers students choice and variety, both academically and geographically. Collectively, the three campuses have 15 academic faculties, which in turn consist of more than 50 schools. Some faculties also have centres and institutes offering short courses, other types of skills development and various community and commercial services.

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Mafikeng Campus

This Campus has five academic faculties with a total of 14 schools and various centres.
Agriculture, Science and Technology Courses NWU
Commerce and Administration Courses NWU
Education Courses NWU
Human and Social Sciences Courses NWU
Law Courses NWU

Potchefstroom Campus

This Campus has eight faculties with more than 30 schools and centres.
Arts Courses NWU
• Natural Sciences Courses NWU
• Theology Courses NWU
• Education Sciences Courses NWU
• Economic and Management Sciences Courses NWU
• Law Courses NWU
• Engineering Courses NWU
• Health Sciences Courses NWU

Vaal Triangle Campus

This Campus has two faculties with seven schools.
• Humanities Courses NWU
• Economic Sciences and Information Technology Courses NWU

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