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Higher Education & Training

Science & Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

    Applications Development and Networking (NQF 6)
    Internet Development and Networking (NQF 6)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Management Sciences

Bachelor of Commerce

    Marketing and Financial Management (NQF 7)
    Marketing and Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
    Human Resource Management and Financial Management (NQF 7)
    Marketing Management (NQF 7)
    Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
    Financial Management (NQF 7)

Diploma in Management

    Marketing and Financial Management (NQF 6)
    Marketing and Human Resource Management (NQF 6)
    Human Resource Management and Financial Management (NQF 6)
    Marketing Management (NQF 6)
    Human Resource Management (NQF 6)
    Financial Management (NQF 6)

Diploma in Public Relations

Hospitality & Tourism

Bachelor of Commerce: Travel and Tourism
Certificate in Computers and Management
    Marketing Management Stream (NQF 5)
    Human Resources Stream (NQF 5)
    Travel and Tourism Stream (NQF 5)
    Information Technology Stream (NQF 5)
Diploma in Travel and Tourism

OUr Mission is to create well trained and skilled learners who are capable of standing their own in a knowledge powerful economy, which addresses the development aspirations of South Africa.

Our Values

the promotion of quality
the spirit of Ubuntu
mutual respect