PGDip Accounting Sciences

By | November 7, 2023

PGDip Accounting Sciences

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Duration of study: 1 year
Total credits: 160


Prof JGI Oberholster +27 (0)124203135

This full-time degree is the specialised honours degree for candidates who are preparing for the relevant qualifying examinations of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors. Entrance requirements for the various modules are detailed in the departmental brochure.

PGDip Accounting Sciences

Admission Requirements

  • BCom Accounting Sciences or equivalent with an average of 57% for Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financial Management and Taxation on 3rd year level, and
  • At least 53% for Auditing Financial Accounting Financial Management and Taxation on 3rd year level.
  • The above to be passed in the year preceding the honours year.

Please note that the Department of Accounting reserves the right to limit the number of students admitted to the Hons and CTA programmes, taking cognisance of available capacity in respect of teaching infrastructure and human resources.
Only selected candidates will be allowed to register for the BComHons (Accounting Sciences).
1. Registration for a second field of study With reference to General Regulation G.6, a student who has already completed a bachelor of honours degree at this or another university, may, with the permission of the Dean, register for another degree, subject to the regulations applicable to the field of study in question and to any other stipulations the Dean may prescribe on the condition that there shall be no overlap in the course content of the first degree and the second degree. Such a concession may be withdrawn by the Dean/Deans if the student does not perform satisfactorily.
2. Acknowledgement of modules
2.1. Subject to the stipulations of G.22.1, G.23.2 and the Joint Statute, a Dean may acknowledge modules passed at another tertiary institution or at this University in a department other than that in which the honours study is undertaken for the honours degree – provided that at least half of the required modules for the degree in question are attended and passed at this university.
2.2. If there is overlap in the course content of the degree for which the student wishes to enrol or is enrolled and a degree already conferred, the Dean may not acknowledge any modules that form part of the degree already conferred.

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PGDip Accounting Sciences

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