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Rhodes University Bridging Courses

Rhodes offers students who do not meet the admissions requirements a place on the Extended Studies Programme. This allows the student to complete their degree over four rather than three years.
Students can be placed in the Extended Studies Programme for the following faculties:

  • Commerce
  • Humanities
  • Science

To find out more about the Extended Studies Programme contact: 046 603 8111
Rhodes University also offers the Rhodes Business Analysis Academic Programme. The programme is a 5 month intensive programme which provides Black African unemployed graduates with a qualification in Business Analysis including relevant soft skills. Learners benefit from workplace simulation and are placed in full time employment.
To apply for this bridging course click here.

Admission Requirements

Rhodes calculates your admission points score as follows: Your top 6 subjects are taken into account; these must include Maths or Maths Lit, your First Language and your First Additional Language (LO and Maths Paper 3 are not awarded any points). Divide each mark by 10, and round off to the 1st decimal place. For example:
Subject:                                                           Result:                   Rhodes Points:
English Home Language                              81%                     8.1
Afrikaans First Add Language                  69%                    6.9
Mathematics                                                      75%                      7.5
Maths Paper 3                                                   59%                       0
Life Orientation                                               90%                        0
History                                                                  88%                       8.8
Life Science                                                        78%                       7.8
Accounting                                                         85%                      8.5
TOTAL:                                                                                              47.6

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Minimum Admission Requirements

Follow the link to check out the lowest marks you need to be considered for your chosen degree:
Keep in mind that it is unlikely that you will be accepted into your chosen degree if you only meet the minimum admission requirements, so work hard and max your marks!