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Stenden University South Africa Hospitality Management

School of Hotel Management

Welcome to the world of hospitality management! It is a fascinating and rapidly changing industry that, especially in South Africa is in great need of well educated professionals.

Professionally offering hospitality calls for in-depth knowledge, skills and an appropriate attitude. That is our business. Our study programme sets out to give students precisely those attributes. Succeeding in this aim requires a good attitude to studying and appropriate study behaviour. We hold our students to account for this attitude and behaviour in and outside of the classroom. We like to see our students approach all activities with devotion and involvement and seek to treat them as the potential leaders they are. The Hospitality industry is not for everyone. It is a seven days a week and a 24 hours a day industry that requires character and flair. As a student you will experience this in our institute where we expect you to take initiative, tackle problems and take responsibility.

Whether this is an industry for you is a question only you can answer. The academic years for you as a student will be a time of discovery, challenge and excitement. Discovery: “Can I handle the programme?” “Is the Hospitality industry for me?” “What will be asked of me?” Challenge: finding your level of competence, trying to exceed your limits and learning to balance work with play. Excitement: making new friends, expanding your horizons and celebrating success. I wish you all the best on this journey!

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