how to track unisa registration

how to track unisa registration

Applying and registering are two completely different processes. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the different meanings. Give UNISA quite a few weeks (3 to 4) to process your application, unless the deadline is obviously looming.

Tracking your registration status

An online tool exists for this purpose:

Should you be worried about extensive delays and lack of feedback from UNISA, follow the steps as prescribed for checking your application status.

Tracking your application status (or dealing with a problematic registration)

No online tracking tool is available for checking your application status! You will have to email/phone/visit UNISA. I strongly suggest visiting the UNISA campus and don’t leave until you get a proper answer or have your issues resolved. Take a picnic basket and sleeping bag and have a fun day out in the UNISA building.

Take all your supporting documentation along, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Your matric certificate and possibly previous results (plus certified copies!)
  • Your ID (plus certified copies!)
  • Any kind of communication you’ve received from UNISA (e.g. acceptance letter if this is w.r.t. registration and not application)
  • Any financial details or proof of payment applicable

Have anything on hand that you had to submit during your application/registration. UNISA can lose some of your documentation, despite your submission of these documents. Have them on hand. If the campus assistant says your matric certificate, for example, is not on record, you can immediately hand the document to him/her.

UNISA staff can accurately track your admission process. They can see where your forms are and what status they’ve been assigned, including issues regarding docs, etc.

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Be professional and courteous, people are less likely to be helpful while you’re frothing at the mouth. Be persistent and get answers, though. Try to tackle these issues early, don’t wait until the queues are piling up. Be pro-active.