UNISA Short Course in Essential Computer Literacy Skills For The Business Professional

UNISA Short Course in Essential Computer Literacy Skills For The Business Professional

Short Course in Essential Computer Literacy Skills For The Business Professional (76954)



The primary objective of the module is to prepare students to become computer literate in essential skills required of a business professional.
The module is interactive, online and practical. The student must participate in online discussions; submit assignments, and portfolio as evidence of learning. The student is required to have access to computer and internet.

Target group

This course is intended for business professionals who are advanced users of computers and who want to improve their computer literacy skills.

Admission requirements


  • Senior certificate or an equivalent NQF level qualification
  • Applicants are required to have their own computer and internet access
  • Only students with basic computer literacy skills will be allowed to register
  • No Unisa modules are required as pre-requisites.



Semester (six months)

Language medium


Registration periods

Semester dates

Tuition method

The mode of delivery will be a blended method comprising of study material in hard copy plus online delivery.
Practical learning will be supported by means of DVD with an optional workshops attendance at students own cost. Monitoring will be done by means of an online portfolio

Kind of assessment

Formative assessment will be conducted by means of self-assessment activities (not submitted for marking) and two formal assignments which count 10% each. The mode of assignments will be fully online. These assignments will calculate towards a year mark that counts 20% of the final mark. Summative assessment will be conducted by means of a portfolio: 100% of the final mark. The sub-minimum mark required for a supplementary exam event will be 40%.

Essential computer literacy skills for the Business Professional (CSCL4BP)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Open source word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database application software
  • Internet – how to access, search, share and communicate
  • Computers and mobile devices – differentiate
  • Troubleshooting – computer hardware and mobile devices
  • Software solutions – how to use it for professional and personal gain and how to access data anytime
  • Telecommunications, wireless technologies & computer networks
  • Digital safety, security & privacy.
  • Professional networking sites and social media


Course leader

Mrs L Naidoo (BTech: Commercial Admin)
School of Computing
Computer Literacy
Office: GJ Gerwel Building (Florida-Science Campus), C4-06
Tel: 0116709128
Email: naidool@unisa.ac.za

Programme administrator(s)

Ms P Masalesa
School of Computing
Office: GJ Gerwel Building – C3-06
Tel: 0116709131
Email: masalpd@unisa.ac.za