UNISA Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support

UNISA Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support

Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support (72877)



The purpose of the module is to equip students with a basic understanding of the different categories of migrants, the various aspects of migration, and the rights and responsibilities of migrants, in order to promote effective and sustainable solutions to human migration and displacement and reduce prejudices towards foreign nationals as a means to this end, to equip students with an integrated legal, psychosocial and humanitarian perspective on the problems faced by refugees, internally displaced persons, migrants and stateless people, and the capacity (knowledge, skills and competencies) to provide legal protection and humanitarian support to different categories of migrants, by applying relevant legislation, international law and human rights instruments with contextualised understanding and empathy.

Target group

Humanitarian Aid Workers, Government Officials, Lawyers, Welfare and NGO Employees, Lay Counsellors, Church Leaders, Refugees and other people involved with Foreign Nationals and other displaced persons.

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification


Six months

Language medium


Registration periods

Semester dates

Tuition method

Distance Learning, Workshops

Kind of assessment

Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies
Formative assessment:
Summative assessment:
An examination

Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support (SCRL01A)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Introduction: Background to migration and human displacement into the 21st century
  • International, African and regional frameworks for refugee protection
  • South African framework for refugee protection
  • Basic principles of humanitarian response management
  • Basic principles of psychosocial support


Course leader

Prof W B Le Roux LLD
Discipline expertise: Public Law and Constitutional Law
VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies
Office 7-068, Cas van Vuuren Building, UNISA
Tel: 012 429 8423
Fax: 012 429 8985
E-mail: lrouxwb@unisa.ac.za