University Of Stellenbosch Theology Courses

University Of Stellenbosch Theology Courses


The Faculty of Theology (established in 1963) developed out of the Theological Seminary of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) that was founded in 1859. The Faculty trains ministers and youth workers, per agreement, for the DRC, Uniting Reformed Church (URC) in Southern Africa, the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA); and the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).
The academic offering, with Christian Reformed theology as point of departure, has been broadened with the incorporation of a Youth Work programme and the development of a new curriculum which offers a wide range of options for undergraduate students regarding teaching and research. The variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the Faculty accommodates students from various communities, churches and countries.
The Faculty of Theology is the smallest faculty at the University. It is, however, a hospitable, energetic and creative faculty in which scientific theology is practised with integrity.

Language of instruction

Undergraduate classes are conducted bilingually, in English and Afrikaans (T specification), according to the language competency of the students

Advanced studies

Do consider one of our postgraduate programmes if you:
. have graduated in some other field of study and are now interested in continuing with studies in theology;
. wish to follow a career in church ministry; or
. are interested in specialising after obtaining an undergraduate qualification in theology.
See the Faculty of Theology website for further information.


Dean’s Office (Marieke Brand)
Tel: 021 808 2142
Fax: 021 808 3251
The Faculty Secretary (Shirle Cornelissen)
Tel: 021 808 4850
Fax: 021 808 3822

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