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Walter Sisulu University Bridging Courses

WSU requires students to do the National Benchmark Tests (NBT’s) before applying to the University. Their extended curriculum programmes are designed to equip students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements with the skills which will help them to be successful in their studies.
WSU offers extended degree programmes in the following faculties:

  • Chemistry: Chemistry
  • Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition
  • Engineering and Construction: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Engineering, Civil Engineering (Transportation or water)
  • Finance and Accounting: Accounting and Financial Information Systems Information
  • Technology: Software Development, Communication Networks, Support Services, Business Applications, Computing, Business Applications
  • Public Relations and Marketing Science: Public Relations Management
  • Science: Bachelor of Science

To find out more about the extended degree programmes contact:
Mthatha Campus: 047 502 2844
Butterworth Campus: 047 4016254
Buffalo City Campus: 043 708 5200

Walter Sisulu University
Prospective students are required to do the National Benchmark Tests and certain faculties also require Standardized Assessment Tests For  Access And Placement  (SATAP)
Business, Management Sciences and Law

  • Economics Sciences Access Programme


  • National Higher Certificate: Accountancy
  • National Diploma in Public Relations Management

All new first year students who have been accepted in this programme will be required to write a test to determine entry into:
• either the extended programme, done over three years, or
• the main stream programme done over two years.
The final placement of students into the NHC: Accountancy or the Extended Programme will be made after considering both the results of the assessment tests and the Grade 12 results.
(For more information on Extended Programmes refer to the information booklet on Extended Programmes)
National Diploma in Public  Relations Management Bsc
Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Bachelor of Science Computer Science
  • National Diploma: Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition
  • National Diploma: Building
  • National Diploma: Engineering (Civil)
  • National Diploma: Engineering (Electrical)
  • National Diploma: Engineering (Mechanical)
  • National Diploma: IT
  • National Diploma: Analytical Chemistry
  • National Diploma: Food and Consumer Science
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Science
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Health Sciences
Students without matriculation exemption can enrol in the Science Foundation year in lieu of the matriculation exemption.