Finance is the linchpin of taught-skills necessary for both navigating enterprises successfully, and ensuring stable economic activity nationally and globally. It is composed of several important facets and thus requires its practitioners to acquire a dedicated, focused and comprehensive set of training, in order to be appropriately qualified. The Master of Management in the field of Finance & Investment Management at Wits Business School (WBS) is designed to fill this training need.
In fact, a specialization in graduate Finance is a hallmark of most renowned Business Schools globally. The reasons for this phenomenon are: (1) Finance is an indispensable unifying knowledge-area for success in both enterprise and the macro-economy. (2) Finance experts require a program-based training to garner the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge for its effective understanding and application.
Importantly, the WBS Master of Management in the field of Finance & Investment programme  design is motivated by the special need for Finance in the emerging market context. Gone are the days when Finance was most relevant in the developed market context, due to the fact that financial innovations emanated from this environment, with international finance transactions being essentially an “intra-developed markets” affair. With globalization, emerging markets have become inexorably connected to the dynamism of financial markets and their breathtakingly paced innovations. The contagion of the sub-prime mortgage market (developed markets) originated a global financial crisis which makes the case for why emerging markets must acquire the requisite capacity needed to understand the workings of financial markets, how to leverage their opportunities, and how to anticipate and mitigate their systemic threats.
Admission Requirements

  • 4 year degree/diploma NQF8 with a major in one of the following: Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Business Studies, Engineering and Law with evidence of strong numeracy.
  • Work experience is an advantage but not a requirement.
  • Individuals with limited numeracy will need additional mathematics training (an overall average performance of 65% or better).
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January 2017 Intake now open and close on 31 October 2016
Application Process
Applications to the MMFI are processed through the Student Enrolment Centre at Wits. Enquiries regarding the status of your application may be addressed to the Wits Business School Academic Enquiries Office on telephone number +27 (0)11 717-3629
The Wits Business School Academic Enquiries Office is unable to obtain missing documents on an applicant’s behalf.
Please ensure that all information uploaded is correct and that you have included everything required on the checklist. In order to be considered by the Admissions Committee, your application form and the other required documentation (including the transcript and other supporting documents) must reach the Student Enrolment Centre before the stated closing date for all academic programmes.
Application Checklist

  1. Online application form
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Certified copy of matric certificate
  4. Certified copy of all academic transcripts
  5. SAQA evaluation certificate (students whose prior degrees were not awarded by a South African University).
    Graduates from other universities must submit an original or certified copy of their academic transcript. The transcript must include a complete list of all subjects taken for a degree, including any courses that were failed. A degree certificate is NOT a transcript.
    Undergraduate degree (for foreign students, degrees must be SAQA accredited).  Foreign students are advised to follow up on SAQA accreditation without delay as the process can take up to three months to finalise.
  6. Proof of English language proficiency (students who have not studied at tertiary level in English).
  7. No WBS psychometric test required
  8. Non-refundable application fee – R200
  9. Complete the on-line application form here
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Please note WBS processes applications for admissions on a continuous basis in the order of receipt thereof. 
Contact Details
Programme Manager: Meisie Moya
Tel: 011 717 3629

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