DAdmin Municipal Administration

DAdmin Municipal Administration

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Duration of study: 2 years
Total credits: 360


Prof MR Mabugu +27 (0)124203334

Programme Information

All postgraduate programmes are not offered every year. Please consult the relevant faculty concerning the presentation of this programme.

Admission Requirements

  • Subject to the provisions of General Regulations G.45 G.1.3 and G.62 a candidate is admitted to the DAdmin degree only if he or she is in possession of an MAdmin or equivalent degree majoring in Public Administration Public Management or Municipal Administration.
  • A candidate should provide proof of research competence eg published articles or reports.
  • A graduate from another university may be granted status that is equivalent to the status the student has at such university.
  • A person may be admitted to doctoral studies if he/she has passed examinations at another university or institution which the Senate of the University deems equivalent to or higher than the examinations prescribed for a degree (in this case the master’s degree) at the University of Pretoria which are prerequisites for admission to doctoral studies.
  • The head of department/director concerned may however set additional admission requirements.
  • The requirement of an exemption assessment on preparatory work as determined by the head of department/director concerned must be complied with.

DAdmin Municipal Administration

Additional Requirements

The Dean has the right of authorisation regarding matters not provided for in the General Regulations or in the Faculty Regulations.

DAdmin Municipal Administration

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