List of All UNISA Modules 2024 – 2024

List of All UNISA Modules 2024 – 2024

Each Unisa qualification is structured in such a way that you need to pass a certain number of Modules within a certain amount of time in order to graduate. You must pass a minimum number of credits / Modules annually so that you are able to re-register and continue with your qualification:

  • At least 36 NQF credits (3 Modules of 12 credits each) in your first year of study;
  • At least 48 NQF credits (4 Modules of 12 credits each) in your second or further years of study.

You may not register for more than the allowed maximum number of credits / Modules per semester:

  • At least 60 NQF credits (5 Modules of 12 credits each) in a semester;
  • At least 120 NQF credits (10 Modules of 12 credits each) per year for year Modules.

The maximum number of credits do not include supplementary and/or aegrotat examinations from a previous semester. Modules taken for non-degree/non-diploma purposes also count towards the maximum number of credits allowed.
You must take your available time into consideration when choosing your Modules, as this will impact your academic performance. You need approximately:

  • 6 to 8 hours per week for semester Modules;
  • 4 to 6 hours per week for year Modules.


Adult basic education and youth development Course Modules
African languages Course Modules
African politics Course Modules
Afrikaans Course Modules
Agricultural management Course Modules
Agricultural science Course Modules
Ancient history Course Modules
Ancient near eastern culture Course Modules
Ancient near eastern studies Course Modules
Animal health Course Modules
Anthropology Course Modules
Applied information science Course Modules
Applied mathematics Course Modules
Arabic Course Modules
Archaeology Course Modules
Archival studies Course Modules
Art history Course Modules
Astronomy Course Modules
Auditing Course Modules

See also  Ehlanzeni fet College nated courses


Banking and Finance Course Modules
Biblical Archaeology Course Modules
Biblical Studies Course Modules
Biochemistry Course Modules
Biology Course Modules
Biomedical Science Course Modules
Biotechnology Course Modules
Botany Course Modules
Business Management Course Modules


Chemical Engineering Course Modules
Chemistry Course Modules
Christian Leadership Course Modules
Christian Spirituality Course Modules
Church History Course Modules
Civil Engineering Course Modules
Classical Culture Course Modules
Classical Studies Course Modules  
Communication Science Course Modules
Community Health Course Modules
Community Ministry Course Modules
Composition Studies Course Modules
Computer Auditing Course Modules
Computer Science Course Modules
Congregational Ministry Course Modules
Consumer Science Course Modules
Corrections Management Course Modules
Credit Management Course Modules
Criminology Course Modules
Curriculum and Instructional Studies Course Modules


Decision sciences Course Modules (include operations research and quantitative management)
Decoloniality Course Modules 
Development studies Course Modules 


Early childhood Education Course Modules
Economics Course Modules
Educational Foundations Course Modules
Educational Leadership and Management Course Modules
Electrical Engineering Course Modules
Electronic Communication Course Modules
Engineering Management Course Modules
English Studies Course Modules
Environmental Sciences Course Modules
Epidemiology Course Modules


Financial Accounting Course Modules
Financial Governance Course Modules
Financial Intelligence Course Modules
Forensic Auditing Course Modules
Forensic Investigation Course Modules
French Course Modules


Gender Studies Course Modules
Genetics Course Modules
Geography Course Modules
Geology Course Modules
Graduate sbl Course Modules
Greek (ancient) Course Modules


Health Sciences Education Course Modules
Health Services Management Course Modules
Health Studies Course Modules
Hebrew Course Modules 
History Course Modules
Horticulture Course Modules
Human Resource Management Course Modules


Inclusive Education Course Modules
Industrial and Organisational Psychology Course Modules
Information Resource Management Course Modules
Information Science Course Modules
Information Systems Course Modules
Information Sechnology Course Modules
Insurance Course Modules
Internal Auditing Course Modules
International Politics Course Modules
Investment Course Modules
Islamic Studies Course Modules


Language Education, Arts and Culture Course Modules
Latin Course Modules
Law Course Modules
Life and Consumer Sciences Course Modules
Linguistics Course Modules


Management Accounting Course Modules
Mandarin Course Modules
Marketing and Retail Management Course Modules
Mathematics Course Modules
Mathematics Education Course Modules
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Course Modules
Microbiology Course Modules
Mine Engineering Course Modules
Missiology Course Modules
Modern European Languages and Literature Course Modules
Music in History and Society Course Modules

See also  BSc Biological Sciences UP


Nature Conservation Course Modules
New Testament Course Modules


Old Testament Course Modules
Operations Management Techniques Course Modules


Philosophy Course Modules
Physics Course Modules
Physiology Course Modules
Policing Course Modules
Politics Course Modules
Portuguese  Course Modules
Professional art Practice Course Modules
Professional Multimedia Practice Course Modules
Psychology Course Modules
Psychology of Education Course Modules
Public Administration Course Modules
Public Health Course Modules
Public Relations Course Modules
Pulp and Paper Technology Course Modules


Religious Studies Course Modules
Risk Management Course Modules


Science And Technology Education Course Modules
Science Education Course Modules
Scripture Studies Course Modules
Security Management Course Modules
Social Sciences Course Modules
Social Work Course Modules
Sociology Course Modules 
Statistics Course Modules
Systematic theology Course Modules


Taxation Course Modules
Theological ethics Course Modules
Theologies in context Course Modules
Theology Course Modules
Theory of literature Course Modules
Tourism management Course Modules
Transport economics (and logistics) Course Modules
Two-dimensional imaging Course Modules


Veterinary Public Health Course Modules
Visual Arts Course Modules


World languages and literatures Course Modules


Youth Development Course Modules


Zoology Course Modules