MEd Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development

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MEd Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development

MEd Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development, The Masters in Instructional Design & Development degree is designed to assist instructors and trainers to better integrate educational technologies and combine them with effective active learning principles to create a quality curriculum. Students of such a degree program learn to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate technology-based instruction in a manner that is both effective and sound based on the practices taught. The field of instructional design is broken down into three main areas of learning which include education, psychology and communication. Education is focused utilizing a well-established model for dispensing knowledge. Psychology is concerned with how humans learn and develop. Lastly, communications is centered on how subjects perceive a message and instruction.
The Masters in Instructional Design & Development degree merely requires acceptance into the program to enroll, but a bachelor’s degree is recommended and it typically require 30 to 40 credits to complete. Students in the program are required to be highly participatory and deals with real life application to a classroom and training setting. The degree is available online for completion. The degree program helps prepare its graduates for successful futures in the fields of education, business, government and various industry jobs by being better communicators and instructors.
A dissertation on a topic approved by the Dean on the recommendation of the Head of department must be submitted following the approval of a complete research proposal. A literature study is not acceptable.

Academic Requirements

Subject to the stipulations of General Regulations G.30 to G.62 a candidate can be admitted if he/she complies with the following requirements:

  • a BEdHons degree/BEd (Postgraduate); or
  • an applicable honours degree and a teacher’s diploma; and
  • have achieved an average of at least 60% in the honours or related examination.
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