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The aim of this qualification is to provide students with knowledge and skills to develop software solutions to solve business problems effectively using the latest technologies.
This programme provides a business perspective of information systems, and stresses how information systems can be used to improve the planning and running of businesses. The programme introduces students to the theoretical and practical basics of business and information systems. It investigates the use of information technology and communication technology as well as their convergence to support business information systems. The nature and value of information as well as the impact of Internet technology on organisations and society are also considered
The purpose of the programme is to strengthen and deepen the student’s knowledge and to develop applied competence in analyzing, interpreting and understanding information systems auditing processes, principles and methods. It further develops the intellectual independence, research and professional skills of the student. The qualification prepares students to meaningfully contribute to organisations’ information systems auditing as well as acquisition, utilization and development of information systems and technology.​
Accounting – Diploma (3Years)

Analytical Chemistry – Extended National Diploma (4 years)

Analytical Chemistry – National Diploma (3 years)

Architectural Technology, National Diploma (3 Years)

Banking – Diploma (3Years)

Biomedical Technology – National Diploma (3Years)

Biotechnology – Extended National Diploma (4Years)

Biotechnology – National Diploma (3 years)

Building – Extended National Diploma (4Years)

Building – National Diploma (3Years)

Chemical Engineering – National Diploma (3Years)

Civil Engineering – National Diploma (3Years)

Clothing Management, National Diploma (3 Years)

Computer systems engineering – National Diploma (3Years)

University of Johannesburg
Credit Management – Diploma (3Years)

University of Johannesburg
Electrical Engineering – National Diploma (3Years)

University of Johannesburg
Engineering Metallurgy – Extended National Diploma (4Years)

Engineering Metallurgy – National Diploma (3Years)
Environmental health – National Diploma (3Years)

Extraction Metallurgy – National Diploma (3Years)

Fashion, National Diploma (3 Years)

Financial Information Systems – Diploma (3Years)

Fine Art, National Diploma (3 Years)

Food Technology – Extended National Diploma (4Years)

Food Technology – National Diploma (3 years)

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